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We are very proud to announce that we have three new university partnerships with:
– Queen Mary University of London
– University of Edinburgh
– University of Liverpool

These leading universities will join our current partners, Newcastle University and the University of Southampton. https://cowriescholarshipfoundation.org.uk/partners/
Each of the five partner universities will cover the tuition fees, and in some cases the maintenance, for at least three students over a decade from October 2021.

Newcastle University

“We are delighted and honoured to be one of only five universities to provide this opportunity. Access to university should not be limited by race or social class, but unfortunately this is not the case for all in our society. The financial cost of going to university can often be a barrier, so these scholarships could transform the lives of Black British students.”
Professor Chris Day
Vice-Chancellor and President, Newcastle University

The University of Southampton

“I am delighted that our University is partnering with the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation. As an institution, we are committed to fair access and participation in higher education and recognise the structural barriers which result in a lower proportion of Black UK students studying at Russell Group universities. More work is needed, not only to widen access, but also to ensure that students feel at home, achieve excellent results and progress to their chosen careers or postgraduate study. These scholarships will form part of our broader Widening Participation strategy.”
Professor Mark E. Smith
President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton

Queen Mary University of London

“Inclusion is a value at the centre of all we do at Queen Mary, and we believe that a diversity
of ideas can help us achieve what was previously unthinkable. But in recent times we have
all been asking what more we can do to help promote inclusion and what steps we can take
towards positive change.

“We know that there is so much more to do, but we are excited to be taking a tangible step
forward by partnering with the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation to provide scholarships for
Black British students who might otherwise be unable to benefit from a Queen Mary
education. We look forward to welcoming them to our diverse community.”
Professor Colin Grant
Vice-Principal (International)
Sheila Gupta MBE
Vice-Principal (People, Culture and Inclusion)

The University of Edinburgh

“Higher Education has the power to transform lives – not just of those who study at
Edinburgh, but also for their families and communities. I am proud that we are part of the
Cowrie Scholarship Foundation, which will help our ongoing commitment to ensure that
students from as wide a range of backgrounds as possible can not only study here, but feel
that they truly belong and have the opportunity to thrive.”
Professor Peter Mathieson
Principal, the University of Edinburgh

The University of Liverpool

“We are extremely proud to be partnering with the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation to provide
scholarships for disadvantaged Black British students. This important new initiative provides
an opportunity to harness education for positive change and supports our commitment and
ongoing work to advance race equality at our University.”
Professor Dame Janet Beer
Vice-Chancellor, University of Liverpool

We are delighted to have these new university partnerships. These partnerships mean that at least 15 disadvantaged Black students will be able to attend university with the tuition fees waivered. You can help us to enable these students to receive a full scholarship by donating at: